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Monsanto’s Day of Reckoning

Organic Consumers Association, a leading health freedom organization, is in Paris at the Climate Change talks, and along with dozens of global food, farming, environmental justice groups, is bringing Monsanto to trial for crimes against humanity and the environment.

OCA has become a founder of Monsanto Tribunal Foundation and Ronnie Cummins, OCA Director, has become a Member of the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation Organizing Committee. Continue reading Monsanto’s Day of Reckoning

You’re Eating Cancer-Causing Glyphosate Herbicide

You’re eating cancer-causing Glyphosate herbicide in every whole wheat slice of bread or roll you eat. ONLY “organic” wheat will not have this killer!

Mike Adams spells it out in this revealing article:

Now that the World Health Organization has publicly condemned glyphosate herbicide as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” awareness of this insidious chemical’s contamination of the human food supply is suddenly exploding among health-conscious consumers. Continue reading You’re Eating Cancer-Causing Glyphosate Herbicide