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Home Remedies for Heartburn

Home remedies for heartburn

and acid reflux are common problems that many people suffer from these days.

Natural Home Remedies For Heartburn

Because of this, there are several brands of over the counter medications people take for this problem.

However, there are also many great

home remedies for heartburn

that have been proven to sooth the annoying symptoms that come along with heartburn or reflux.

Many of these remedies are very inexpensive and you may already have many of the items on hand.

When the usual antacid tablets are no longer doing the trick, grab a stick of your favorite chewing gum. Yes, regular chewing gum has been shown to help decrease the symptoms of heartburn.

By chewing a piece right as the symptoms begin, your natural saliva that you swallow helps your body to naturally control the upsetting acid.

While any type of chewing gum will do the trick, a minty flavored gum would be even more beneficial.

Many people use mint and peppermint flavored candy or gum to relieve the common symptoms of heartburn. The oils in peppermint help to soothe the digestive tract. It has a calming effect that relaxes the muscles and helps to prevent nausea, anxiety, cramping and diarrhea.

Adding to the list of great home remedies for heartburn is natural honey.

Natural or organic honey also been shown to be one of the best home remedies for heartburn. Taking two teaspoons of pure, undiluted, unprocessed honey after a meal can help reduce the effects of heartburn and acid reflux. Honey is also known to be a great antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral supplement.

More Great Home Remedies for Heartburn:

A mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and water is a great temporary fix and one of the quickest home remedies for heartburn.

In a tall glass, add two tablespoons of baking soda, then fill the glass halfway full of cold water. Pour some fresh squeezed lemon juice into the baking soda mixture and try to drink it all down as quickly as possible.

While the fizz of the baking soda will quickly relieve your heartburn symptoms, this method also puts a lot of sodium into your body so be aware of that, especially if you are on a low sodium diet.

Some other fast home remedies for heartburn include drinking vinegar or a glass of milk to relieve the burning in the esophagus.

Root beer, sweet lime juice and ginger have also been shown to help ease the pain.

A teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar is another great way to cure reflux when followed by a glass of water. If you can’t find organic apple cider, the regular kind will do.

These are just a few of the many

home remedies for heartburn

that people have used over the years.

Try using home remedies for heartburn or acid reflux, and see which cures work best for you.

Author: Steve Berchtold

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