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The Best Whole Foods Are Not Sold in Health Food Stores

Health food

is what healthy people want!

The Best Whole Foods And Health Drinks Are Not Sold in

Health Food


Locating whole foods and health drinks to feel better, look younger, or have more energy is an excellent idea. However, finding products in usual

health food

stores that create real results is an exercise in futility for many serious shoppers.

What is the secret to health and beauty for attractive celebrities and superstar athletes? Their secret is that they use better quality nutritional products which so advanced they cannot be sold in the usual places. These stars know they must have access to the best products, different from the average consumer if they desire to maintain youthful looks and vitality. Other people mistakenly think they cannot afford the same secret, better quality whole foods and health drinks used by the rich and famous, but that is far from the truth. You just have to know where to look.

An online health food store is a good place to start to uncover high quality whole foods and health drinks because there you can gather information to construct the foundation for a healthy life. You can locate whole foods and health drinks that are not sold in retail stores. Then, it is easier to make an informed decision rather than stumbling through a health food store without all the knowledge necessary to make the most intelligent choices.

More and more people now realize that they have to take care of their bodies for financial reasons as well as living a long, healthy life. This naturally leads to more productive habits, like focusing on whole foods and natural health drinks instead of fast foods and sodas. Among the monetary benefits are substantial savings in medical costs and more nutritional value for each and every dollar.

To obtain more value from the health and wellness products you buy, here are 5 tips:

1. Consume more whole foods

2. Select natural health drinks, not sodas, vitamin waters, or dangerous energy drinks

3. Focus on environmentally friendly personal care products like soap and shampoo

4. Seek a diet closer to nature – Natural foods do not include ingredients such as artificial flavors and sweeteners, hydrogenated oils or isolated vtiamins.

5. Shop with responsible manufacturers – Stop giving money to corporations making products with questionable substances, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, excess sugar and sodium, high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients and toxic chemicals.

Shop differently, from companies who use more natural ingredients and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Again, you will not easily find them locally, but whole foods and health drinks made by responsible manufacturers can be purchased at an online health food store. Just remember, shopping in the same old places for nutritional products will give you the same old results. Instead, search the world wide web to find healthier alternatives that the average shopper has not yet stumbled upon for whole foods and health drinks.


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Natural Cures and Remedies Can Have Side Effects

Before you go ballistic on me and start thinking, “I thought you were all about Natural Cures and Remedies,” read on please…

Maybe you never heard that natural cures and remedies can sometimes have side effects! Why? How is that possible? I thought they were always good for you!

Here are the times when this can happen, When a person is:

  • overweight
  • has frequent colds or flu
  • has a history of prescription or recreational drugs
  • frequently consumes fatty and/or prepackaged processed foods
  • drinks lots of sodas or consumes other sugary drinks
  • consumes foods with artificial colors or chemicals on a regular basis
  • Or when a chronic illness is present

There are many ways to detox the body. Some good and some not worth the money they cost. From my experience, I find a “detoxing diet” to be most effective, least costly and fastest way to get results with less side effects, while bringing the body to an alkalized state, where cancer and fat can’t grow.

Yes, there can be side effects using natural cures, for those who are severely and sometimes even mildly toxic.

Symptoms of a detoxing reaction can be:

  • lethargy
  • temporary all-over muscle aching
  • watery stools
  • stomach cramping
  • mucous or other discharge
  • a coated pasty tongue
  • light-headedness when standing
  • headaches and flu-like symptoms in general

A detoxing reaction may take the form of some of the old symptoms that were previously suppressed by prescription drugs. You may feel sick and think your “natural cures” are not working… Also, detoxing can cause rashes; some all over, others limited to the upper part of the body, including the head! The detoxing process is absolutely essential to achieve health and should never be suppressed with drugs.

Unfortunately, many people will stop their detoxing program when symptoms start and they never achieve good health!

Don’t think the conventional medical establishment is open minded to detoxing. They assume that any symptoms by the body are caused by a microbe, so antibiotics are usually prescribed even if they think the causative reason is a virus.

Medical antibiotics have NO effect on viruses, other than weakening the immune system. This only makes viruses can reproduce more. Antibiotics and other drugs suppress detoxing, the immune system as well as good intestinal flora.

They’ll tell you that there’s “no evidence” that detox diets have any health benefits. (Then in the very sentence, they’ll talk about detoxing for drugs, alcohol, metabolic and diet.)

What I’ve seen over the years of recommending detoxing for healing is that there are many forms of detoxing that will work. Unfortunately, no long term effects will ever be achieved if personal eating habits, bathing habits and medication are not ceased. Detoxing will be a wasted effort and there will be no long term health benefit.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Health Issues?

Toxic Blood: Toxins are constantly seeping into the bloodstream and tissue from foods, lotions, shampoos, cleaning materials and air. This eventually causes serious health problems.

A polluted, malnourished stomach and intestinal tract is the perfect environment for parasites and worms. In this environment, the rampant incidence of diseases like cancer, heart disease, thyroid diseases, reproductive system dysfunction and diabetes can run rampant.

People suffering from out of control allergies fall into the same group. All of these can be attributed to a sick intestinal track which makes for a severely weakened immune system.

The ground our foods are grown in have eroded and lost the nutrients that were once there. Then, with the added pesticides, insecticides, genetically engineered foods and fertilizers stealing nutrients from the body, it’s easy to understand why we need to detox with natural cures. Add to that all the processed prepackaged, sugary foods consumed, you can only have billions of malnourished sick people…

Most are totally unaware they are suffering from a degree of malnutrition.

Obesity is rampant because people try to satisfy the body’s cravings for nutrients they’re not getting from their diets. Illness sneaks up on people since the body appears to be healthy long before it’s detected.

The rejection of natural cures and remedies has led to the “alternative,” toxic pharmaceutical medications.

Intestines Not Able To Filter and Digest

Digestion begins with the stomach and when the digestive enzymes don’t exist in the proper balance, a problem exists which prevents foods from getting into the intestinal tract.

When people take Tums, Rolaids, Prilosec and other antacids, the necessary digestive enzymes are diminished. Those acids are necessary for proper digestion and mixing before going into the intestinal area!

When the intestines have mucoid plaque built up without the proper stomach acids to break down the foods, a serious interference with the digestive process happens.

Even if a thin layer of the mucoid plaque is present, one could have sluggish peristaltic movement action which causes constipation. Constipation causes a very sick body when the intestines cannot absorb the nutrients.

If you have very firm bowel movement, once a day or less and have a putrid bowel odor, you may have an intestinal absorption problem! Stools should have only a slight odor if the body is absorbing properly and a fairly loose bowel movement should occur within an hour after each meal.

Absorbing nutrients: The formation of intestinal mucoid layers makes it more difficult for food and nutrients to be absorbed.

Real detoxing starts in the stomach and intestines

Polluted intestines become blocked preventing absorption of the necessary nutrients in foods! In the past these problems didn’t exist like they do today. The numbers of prescribed drugs being consumed have created severe malnourishment and illnesses

The 3-Step Plan using natural cures and remedies that can speed you to better health!

Detox: A good intestinal cleansing program is one that cleanses the mucoid plaque, increases nutrient absorption and improves peristaltic action that grows healthy cells…


Enemas are the best way to start when there’s a need to get “jump start” a detoxification plan. Here’s a good one to use.

Lugol’s Enema

Add ¼ tsp (25 drops) of Lugol’s iodine to 1 pint of very warm water; pour into Fleet bottles (giving yourself several doses), or enema apparatus. Administer enema slowly and hold internally as long as possible. Cold water will cause spasms and inability to hold it. Prepare only a cup the first time; do not force yourself to hold more than is comfortable

Black Walnut Enema

Add 1 tsp of Black Walnut Hull Extra-Strength, to 1 pint of very warm water. Repeat as above.

2. Healthy diet:
Eat lots of raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, making sure to chew well and your daily supplements as prescribed or Minerals and Vitamins…

3. Helping The Body Produce Health Building Nutrients: Get at least 20 minutes a day of direct sunshine to as much of the naked body as possible. This will produce life enhancing vitamin D and cleansing circulatory help.

4. Lots of purified/filtered water to balance the pH: The organs require clean filtered/purified water daily. Water to help balance pH – mix 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda to a gallon of filtered/purified water – drink a minimum of 6 to 8 eight ounce glasses a day.  pH or alkalized body is absolutely necessary in treating or preventing illness and disease. Natural cures are still the best way to cleanse your body of pollutants and toxins!

Essential Oils: In Your First Aid Kit?

simply aroma

Essential oils

may just be “essential.”

Get ALL Natural Essential Oils Here!

Like most families, you probably have a home first aid kit, but have you thought to incorporate natural remedies among the bandages and thermometers? Essential oils (EOs) offer fast and easy solutions for a variety of day-to-day ailments that are easily treated at home.

The nice thing about using essential oils for home remedies is that they do double duty by calming the user with a variety of therapeutic scents.

Follow these guidelines for diluting essential oils

and you will be amazed at the efficacy of these aromatic remedies.

Relief from skin ailments like insect bites, sunburn, strained muscles and rashes can be almost immediate.

But, did you know that

essential oils

are also an effective remedy for headaches, sore throat, fatigue, bruises and more? All of these oils are meant to be diluted and for external use only.

For Safety’s Sake:

Do not use EOs undiluted – add to a carrier oil such as, hazelnut, grape seed, almond, olive, etc.
Some citrus EOs are photosensitizing; avoid sun exposure for 12 hrs after application
For skin and eye irritation dilute with plain vegetable oil
Some EOs are irritating; study well before use and use a low strength dilution

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14004432103_e588694da5_zDo not use EOs orally
Avoid EO use during the first trimester of pregnancy. After the first trimester, use the gentle floral oils such as, lavender, rose, ylang, jasmine, chamomile and neroli. Safe exceptions to the flower oils are mandarin, orange, frankincense and spearmint; use in one-half to one percent dilutions for external use only.

Dilution Guidelines:
EOs must be diluted before application to the skin.
One percent dilution: five drops of EO per ounce of carrier oil.
For children, the elderly or convalescing or facial care, use two to three drops EO per ounce of carrier oil.
Two percent dilution: ten drops of EO per ounce of carrier oil (for general use).
Never exceed 15 drops EO per oz of carrier oil.
Methods of Application
Massage oil: one to two percent dilution
Bath: two to ten drops EO
(Irritants: peppermint, citrus, lemongrass, spice oils and others)

Foot bath: five drops EO per gallon of water or herb tea
Compress: four drops EO per quart of water
Gargle or mouthwash: one drop EO in one-half cup water
Inhalant: five drops EO in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water with towel tent; or three drops on a cloth handkerchief

Thanks to Mindy Green for the great info on Essential Oils!

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Oil of Oregano: Is It The Most Amazing Of All?

Oil of oregano

is an amazing natural health medicine for many health issues.

The current economic crisis has meant, many have to rely on their own knowledge because they can’t afford traditional medical care.

Many people would rather use natural cures to begin with because they’re aware of the many side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Oil of oregano

is probably the best single ingredient you should have in your medicine chest.

In order to take care of your own health, you need the necessary tools.

The toxic burden of our industrial society is a big enough reason to gain this valuable knowledge. Now we face the toxic results of the BP oil catastrophe, entering the air, water and food chain. The truth is, we don’t have to be victims. We have the ability and means to protect ourselves.

All it takes is education, being committed and taking the action necessary to maintain our health.


Oil of Oregano

is one of those wonderful natural cures available to us from nature.

Oregano oil (Origanum vulgare) is well known in Greece and Crete for its ability to slow down food spoilage. With its “anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-oxidant activity,” oregano oil is the all purpose herb. The two herbs thyme and marjoram, sold in America, are labeled incorrectly as oregano, and have little comparison to wild oregano’s miraculous healing properties.

It also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is a great product to use if you suffer from CFS and/or fibromyalgia. This is not regular oregano, but a wild form. (wild mountain oregano, vulgare species) It’s only recently become available in Canada.

We’ve all enjoyed oregano with our food, but how much more would you enjoy it if you realized just how wonderful oregano was to your health? You’d probably sprinkle it on more than just your pizza and spaghetti…
Oregano has more diverse health benefits available than almost any other plant on earth. Unfortunately, most of the oregano that people are familiar with, only contains trace quantities of the actual species of the plant… sometimes, none at all.

Researchers have uncovered a number of benefits using oregano and extracted oil of oregano. How to Take Oregano Oil:

True oil of oregano offers so many remedies to so many different ailments. The list includes Indigestion, diarrhea, nervous tension, insect bites, toothache, earache, rheumatism, and coughs and bronchitis.

Oil of Oregano Cures – Health Benefits Oil Oregano:

The ancient Greeks were among the first to use and learn the advantages of oregano’s medicinal qualities. The Greeks called the spice “oreganos,” meaning “delight of the mountains”. Many plants are confused with oregano, (including marjoram, thyme, and sage), but true oregano grows wild in the regions around Greece. Wild oregano is the only source of truly potent oil of oregano.

Oil of Oregano Cures

The wild oregano includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, and manganese. Vitamins C and A (beta carotene) and niacin are also contained in oregano. It’s easy to see why oregano is such a valuable spice.

Since oil of oregano is such a good antibacterial, when oregano is used with foods like meat, eggs, milk, or salad, you’ll greatly slow the growth of microbes and reduce the risk for food poisoning.

The key elements in oregano oil, are “carvacrol and thymol” as the primary components.

Health Benefits of Oregano:

The value of oregano oil can further be realized in treating internal and external fungi, including athlete’s foot, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. All these health issues can even be improved with this amazing natural cure.

In addition, to fungi, oil of oregano is useful against bacteria and parasites. It inhibits the growth of a majority of bacteria… something that prescription antibiotics cannot accomplish.” Oil of oregano is also successful in neutralizing worms, amoeba, and protozoan.

Oil of Oregano Even Kills Herpes.

I’ll have more on this amazing natural cure in a later writing. And there really is more to oil of oregano!

Author: Steve Berchtold

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