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What You Should Know About Essential Oils

Essential Oils Do Work

I’d recently gotten an essential oil diffuser for our bedroom; I thought it might come in handy for stress relief. Now, though, I reached for revitalizing grapefruit oil. I plopped in a few drops and pressed “on.” Minutes later, I felt more awake. It worked! Continue reading What You Should Know About Essential Oils

Depression Is A Bummer

Have you had days where you didn’t know why you felt down or even depressed? You didn’t have a specific reason to feel that way, but you did.

Guess why I am writing this article today? You guessed it… I’m feeling a little down today! (I know, guys are suppose to be almost without emotions most of the time, right?)

Did you know that there are actually essential oils that will treat and soothe that depression away? It’s true.

Here are the most powerful three that you should have in your medicine cabinet for such a time as that. Continue reading Depression Is A Bummer