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Chemtrails Health Effects On The General Population

chemtrail illnesses

We are being poisoned on a scale that makes every war crime pale in comparison. Much more subtly though…

Because we’re not dropping likes flies after a can of Raid gets sprayed on a garbage can, we don’t pay attention.

But the people behind it all know what will happen when the truth gets out… People will be furious!

Chemtrail Symptoms, Diseases and Causes – Got Any?

morgellons disease

My friend and geoengineering activist against the poisons they’re spraying on us, Dane Wigington, has provided a very comprehensive list of the numerous anecdotal and clinical observations which follow.

This is the product of various healthcare professionals and practitioners, homeowners and homemakers, businessmen and businesswomen, farmers and meteorologists, etc. Because chemtrails affect every resident on the planet, many have cataloged or journaled the most common adverse health effects, which they inevitably produce. As a result, the world now has a growing body of anecdotal evidence which clearly illustrates their profound and deleterious effects on human life.

Chemtrails Exposed

Chemtrails and “geo-engineering” are too obvious!

Have you ever come to where you can no longer take the injustice and attacks against people you love and even yourself? I’ve reached that point!

Global Chemtrail Secrets Revealed


Chemtrails Effects and Evil Being Done To Humanity

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