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Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Home remedies for high blood pressure

will always involve lifestyle changes to control and prevent high blood pressure. No one should have to be taking blood pressure medication.

Home remedies for high blood pressure

include eating healthy foods.

Nearly 68 million adults in the United States alone, have experienced high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for stroke, kidney disease, congestive heart failure, and heart disease.

The mainstream medical cartel wants you as their patient, buying their drugs, that will never get you well. Instead, why not try utilizing one of these home remedies for high blood pressure.

Coconut water has actually been shown to be effective at lowering blood pressure. According to a study, where the effects of coconut water was regularly consumed, they found that it was able to significantly lower blood pressure in 71 percent of the participants.

Apple Cider Vinegar has also been found to be effective in treating high blood pressure. Taking just a few tablespoons a day, over a one month period, has dramatic results. This is one of those home remedies for high blood pressure I strongly recommend.

Vitamin D is another one of those home remedies for high blood pressure that should be used.

Vitamin D is an effective solution to lower blood pressure, promote vascular health and contribute to healthy arteries. Not only is Vitamin D wonderful to lower blood pressure, but this powerful vitamin works as a cancer fighter, and can also protect you from the flu, 800% more effectively than a flu vaccine.

Add also to the list of home remedies for high blood pressure, cayenne pepper, aloe, honey, and tea. Not to mention the other health benefits of these simple natural cures. Often used in combination to treat everything from strep throat, to lowering insulin levels, to lowering blood pressure.

I recommend the DASH diet or (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy foods.

Home remedies for high blood pressure

should also include plenty of potassium, which also helps prevent high blood pressure.

Eating less saturated fat is only part of the home remedies for high blood pressure plan that you can implement, if you’re going to lower your blood pressure.

Of course, you’ll need to decrease the salt in your diet. You may think you don’t eat that much salt because you don’t add much to your food, but the amount of salt that’s in the processed foods you eat,like canned soups, chips, crackers and frozen dinners, can add up quickly.

Home remedies for high blood pressure also mean you’ll need to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overweight, losing that weight can lower your blood pressure.

Home remedies for high blood pressure also should include an increase in physical activity. Regular physical activity has ben proven to lower your blood pressure and help keep your weight under control. The recommended exercise is at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

Give up the alcohol. Even if you think you’re healthy, alcohol can raise your blood pressure.

Quit smoking anymore if you still are. Tobacco damages blood vessel walls and speeds up hardening of the arteries. If you smoke, look for natural ways to quit or ask your doctor to help you quit.

Home remedies for high blood pressure require you to manage stress, as much as possible. Getting plenty of sleep can help, especially when faced with things that lead to stress.

With the technology we have today, you can even monitor your blood pressure at home.

That will help you keep close tabs on your blood pressure, and show you if home remedies are working.

Author: Steve Berchtold

The Best Whole Foods Are Not Sold in Health Food Stores

Health food

is what healthy people want!

The Best Whole Foods And Health Drinks Are Not Sold in

Health Food


Locating whole foods and health drinks to feel better, look younger, or have more energy is an excellent idea. However, finding products in usual

health food

stores that create real results is an exercise in futility for many serious shoppers.

What is the secret to health and beauty for attractive celebrities and superstar athletes? Their secret is that they use better quality nutritional products which so advanced they cannot be sold in the usual places. These stars know they must have access to the best products, different from the average consumer if they desire to maintain youthful looks and vitality. Other people mistakenly think they cannot afford the same secret, better quality whole foods and health drinks used by the rich and famous, but that is far from the truth. You just have to know where to look.

An online health food store is a good place to start to uncover high quality whole foods and health drinks because there you can gather information to construct the foundation for a healthy life. You can locate whole foods and health drinks that are not sold in retail stores. Then, it is easier to make an informed decision rather than stumbling through a health food store without all the knowledge necessary to make the most intelligent choices.

More and more people now realize that they have to take care of their bodies for financial reasons as well as living a long, healthy life. This naturally leads to more productive habits, like focusing on whole foods and natural health drinks instead of fast foods and sodas. Among the monetary benefits are substantial savings in medical costs and more nutritional value for each and every dollar.

To obtain more value from the health and wellness products you buy, here are 5 tips:

1. Consume more whole foods

2. Select natural health drinks, not sodas, vitamin waters, or dangerous energy drinks

3. Focus on environmentally friendly personal care products like soap and shampoo

4. Seek a diet closer to nature – Natural foods do not include ingredients such as artificial flavors and sweeteners, hydrogenated oils or isolated vtiamins.

5. Shop with responsible manufacturers – Stop giving money to corporations making products with questionable substances, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, excess sugar and sodium, high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients and toxic chemicals.

Shop differently, from companies who use more natural ingredients and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Again, you will not easily find them locally, but whole foods and health drinks made by responsible manufacturers can be purchased at an online health food store. Just remember, shopping in the same old places for nutritional products will give you the same old results. Instead, search the world wide web to find healthier alternatives that the average shopper has not yet stumbled upon for whole foods and health drinks.


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