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is dedicated to the many “non-pharmaceutical and chemical free” forms of treating health issues of all kinds with natural cures and remedies you can do at home.

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Many times, you may want to find a home remedy for a specific health issue, but the search for good information is difficult to find. A good example would be trying to find home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Even before the pharmaceutical companies developed drugs for curing this disease and that disease,

home remedies

have been used for centuries very effectively.

In the 19th century, in order to stop bleeding of a wound, they would use a spider web across the wound, apply a poultice of spirit turpentine and brown sugar, or use a mixture of soot from the chimney and lard.

Home remedies for a small cut would include a wet a cigarette paper placed over the wound. They used pine resin too.

Home remedies for cough and congestion were treated by making a poultice of kerosene, turpentine, and pure lard (the latter prevents blistering).

Then, they would use wool cloth soaked with the mixture, place the cheesecloth on chest for protection, and then add the wool poultice.

For Bee stings they would place either turpentine, chewed tobacco, tobacco juice, kerosene, or a mixture of sugar and dough on the sting.

Any of these

home remedies

will relieve the pain and draw out the poison. The remedy for treating head lice, was to shingle hair close and use kerosene.

Early pioneers to America used different herbs, roots, and tree bark for their ailments and health issues.

The settlers started using home remedies and in cases of sickness they depended mostly on herbal teas-made from the herbs, roots, and tree bark.

Herbs were gathered in the summer for medicinal purposes.

For babies and small children, they would use a tea of catnip, flowers and leaves.

This was also used for older children in cases of summer complaints, cramps, malarial fevers, or three day-ague (a fever like malaria disease) marked by paroxysms of chills, fever, and sweating that recur at regular intervals..

Raw onions and raw cucumbers in vinegar, was put on bread and butter for colds.


Elderberry blossom tea was considered good for colds.

For a baby’s cold, they would use an application of goose grease and kerosene mixed together, then applied to the chest and covered with a wool cloth.

Some of the goose grease mixture was applied to the soles of the feet, then gently warmed by the fire place before putting them to bed on a warmed feather pillow.

Getting a doctor in those days meant going by horseback to the nearest town to get medicine or wait until the doctor came in from his calls.

This was probably why they learned how to find home remedies and natural cures.

Some of these home remedies worked better than others, but they didn’t have access to all the herbs, spices and foods that we have today, nor did they have the science to prove the value of many things, we can now use at home to overcome many health problems.

home remedies

Home remedies are making a comeback since many of the drugs and “man made” treatments are not any more effective than the home remedies they used centuries ago.

There are home remedies for dark circles, home remedies for diarrhea,

home remedies

for ear infections, home remedies for eczema, home remedies for fleas and the list goes on and on…

In order to give you options to all the natural ideas and remedies you can try at home, we also wanted to give you some good alternative products that are free of chemicals and harmful drugs.

Within many of our articles you will see links that will take you to another page with more detailed information about these products.

We are not trying to sell any one product and will only endorse a product that we know to be of highest quality and performance.

This is why you will not see the site with “cluttered” banner ads.

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