Traditional Natural Health

Traditional Natural Health
What we consume is the basis of our health. Whether in the form of our diet, the air we breathe or what we absorb through our skin and lungs, our bodies are made up of and react to what goes into them.

When we can we should consume only those foods that are in as close to their natural state as possible or are prepared in ways that make them more easily assimilated which helps us to get the most out of them. Traditional diets it turns out are a guideline for our diets today despite what we hear in pop dietary thought. Raw foods, including animal products, should have minimal application of heat to maintain the valuable nutrient, enzyme and other qualities. Many foods, including, grains and dairy and some raw vegetables need to be soaked or fermented to be in their healthiest state. We also need to consider our water sources; water quality is extremely important. Pay attention to how your food is grown and the health of the animals. Switching out quality products for the low quality products in your diet and consuming them in a more optimal state will go a long way to healing your body and gaining greater health.

We absorb through our lungs and skin too but thankfully we can make some simple improvements to avoid future health problems and possibly heal current health problems. The addition of a quality air purifier to your home as well as indoor plants can greatly impact the air quality of your home or work place. Many health conditions can be eliminated as a result of the removal of environmental causes.

The improvement of the quality of the air inside our houses is and what we apply to our skin is much easier thantwhat we encounter outside but we still must address their effects. Additionally sometimes we have had to take a medication or have not eaten very well. We need to do periodic fasts and cleanses to get rid of all the toxicity in our system. Animals in nature do this and it is necessary that we do too. Once we have lightened the load on our bodies, our healing processes and immunity are much improved.

When we give our bodies what they need and eliminate what they dont we will experience the natural state of vitality and energy that were meant to have.

Shannon Clayton has studied holistic health and diet for over 20 years and translates this knowledge to benefit canine companions.

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