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The New Era Of Health Care Is Here

Health care

will never be the same that your parents and grandparents knew!

I just sat through a very informative

health care

meeting presented by a man in a major company, very up to date about what the

health care

changes will mean to everyone in America.

There’s never been a time in our history when it will be more important than now, to “take responsibility of your own health!” The requirements issued by the government are major.

Health Care Reform:

The biggest “untruth” that so many people believe, is that healthcare under the new Obama Care will; be free! Ha! It’s just the opposite! It is costing us more!

If you don’t buy either your employers offering or are on your spouses plan, you will have to buy the government plan! OR pay a huge fine. ($10,000) If you’re unemployed and don’t pay, you’ll be fined!

They still haven’t said how they’ll collect this health care fine from the “unemployed”…

The man presenting the new features of this companies health care plan, played an actual audio of the great new world of

health care.

Obama Health Care Plan Explained:

The doctor was speaking to a girl who called this special number and actually got to speak to a live doctor in about 30 minutes.

You share your symptoms and he asks questions and she answers and he asks a few more and then he gives her some medication options, calls a prescription in for her and voila… that’s it!

No more emergency room waits, long lines at a clinic or sitting in the cold examination room waiting for the doctor. You don’t even see a doctor! Sounds great right?

health careThere is one down side though… He told the audience that all three of his doctor “specialists” have resigned their practices.

Now that the medical world knows what they’re facing, they are beginning to leave the medical profession for good. Ask your doctor and see what he or she says…

Affordable Health Care Insurance:

So, the future of basic medical treatment from everything from “ear ache to pneumonia” will now be done from a “call center.” I kid you not!

Then a prescription will be called in for you by that doctor on the phone, (who you’ll never see) and you can get it, no matter where you happen to be in the country.

Make no mistake about it in your mind…

health care

will be rationed for people deciding on the “government plan.”

And it’s NOT FREE! Some people just assumed the way the president spoke about health care for everyone, that he was “giving out tootsy roll pops” with each free visit.

Sorry, that’s not the real world, for all of us fantasy lovers…

It’s time like never before to start taking responsibility, educating ourselves, working diligently to eat foods that are clean (free of pesticides, insecticides etc.) and choosing wisely.

Author: Steve Berchtold

There won’t be many health care doctors left for that personal “one on one” office visit before much longer.

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