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Great Healing Foods For Lifelong Health

Great Healing Foods For Lifelong Health

There is a significant list of foods that have healing powers for the human body. Some of these foods will probably come as a surprise to you. This article will cover several of these healing foods, and address how they aid the body.

Traditional Natural Health

Traditional Natural Health
What we consume is the basis of our health. Whether in the form of our diet, the air we breathe or what we absorb through our skin and lungs, our bodies are made up of and react to what goes into them.

What Are They Spraying On Us?

Natural Home Remedies for Healing

Natural Healing and Useful Natural Home Remedies for Healing

More and more, herbs are flattering an important part of our health care.

Once shunned by modern medicine, today even many medical professional are realizing that herbs have powerful healing property and can be used for many illnesses with no the adverse side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Exercise Makes Children Smarter

children brain activity

A little over 3 years ago in 2010, researchers have found an association between physical fitness and the brain in 9- and 10-year-old children: Those who are more fit tend to have a bigger hippocampus and perform better on a test of memory than their less-fit peers. Imagine how this applies to toddlers and young children that are beginning to want to run, jump and play.


I still remember going to a local dentist and telling him I wanted ALL the amalgam out of my mouth!


I said, “I want all my amalgam taken out and all composite put back in.”

This got a strong reaction from him and he said, “Well, I don’t know why you want me to take all that out, but, if that’s what you want…” That was only seven years ago, I believe.

Well, well… look at what the U.S. Government just decided…

The United States government has announced that it supports a “phase down, with the goal of eventual phase out by all Parties, of mercury amalgam.”

This statement – a radical reversal of its former position that “any change toward the use of dental amalgam is likely to result in positive public health outcomes” – is part of the U.S. government’s submission for the upcoming third round of negotiations for the world mercury treaty.

While couched in diplomatic hedging – remember it is still early in the negotiations – this new U.S. position makes three significant breakthroughs for the mercury-free dentistry movement:

  • The U.S. calls for the phase-out of amalgam ultimately and recommends actions to “phase down” its use immediately….
  • The U.S. speaks up for protecting children and the unborn from amalgam, recommending that the nations “educate patients and parents in order to protect children and fetuses.”
  • The U.S. stands up for the human right of every patient and parent to make educated decisions about amalgam.


What does this mean? Our position – advocating the phase-out of amalgam – is now the mainstream because the U.S. government supports it. Who is the outlier now? It’s the pro-mercury faction, represented by the World Dental Federation and the American Dental Association….

We applaud the U.S. government. But tough work lies ahead. For example, we must demonstrate to the world that the available alternatives – such as composites and the adhesive materials used in atraumatic restorative treatment (“ART”) – can cost less than amalgam and will increase access to dental care particularly in developing countries.

For now though, let’s mark this watershed in the mercury-free dentistry movement: the debate has shifted from “whether to end amalgam” to “how to end amalgam.”

While they continue to allow the poison of amalgam in people’s mouths….

I know HOW to end amalgam… GET IT OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Dr. Clark was RIGHT, and it will be too late for many, without this knowledge of the extremely harmful health issues caused by this amalgam poison!


Revolution Against Medical Tryanny With Dr. Joel Wallach

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