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Home Remedies For Back Pain

Home remedies for back pain

are needed since most adults suffer from back pain at some time in their lives.

Backaches are either “acute or chronic.” Acute back pain is caused by movement or excessive use where injury to the muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons occurs.

There are some powerful

home remedies for back pain

that you may want to know about.

Chronic pain is a reoccurring back pain that happens for no particular reason, and can also affect tendons, ligaments and bones.

Sometimes our organs can cause back pain. For example, kidney infection, female pelvic disorder, bladder, prostate problems, and even constipation can cause lower

back pain.

Home remedies for back pain

can be used to help resolve all of these problems.

During pregnancy, back pain is very common, due to the many changes and stress on the body. Carrying a baby changes the position of a woman’s internal organs,

putting a huge amountgreat deal of pressure on the lower spine.

This change in a womans center of gravity, increase in body weight, and the muscle relaxing effects of the hormone progesterone, all contribute to the problem. That’s

why, every day as your baby grows, it’s harder to get up and down from chairs and bed. Using several home remedies for back pain is helpful for expecting moms.

Back pain is usually associated with muscle aches, locked areas, a stiff neck and sometimes your hole body will ache.

Back pain can be caused by muscle tension, poor postural habits, strains, microtrauma, and from nutritional deficiencies. Home remedies for back pain can be

implemented to resolve almost all these.

When repeated injuries happen, the discs can become thin, deteriorated or ruptured. This deterioration can then lead to arthritic related conditions.

Swelling or compression in the spine often results, since nerves close by are affected also.

Home remedies for back pain are so much safer than drugs, especially in pregnant women.

Here are some Home Remedies for Back Pain

Home Remedies for Back Pain May Include: Get a massage in the affected area with herbal oils until you get rid of the tension and relax the muscles in that area.

Home Remedies for Back Pain May Include: When you lift something, always remember to bend your knees first. This will prevent damage to your spine and back muscles.

Home Remedies for Back Pain May Include: Never twist yourself while lifting.

Home Remedies for Back Pain May Include: Avoid lifting heavy objects toward the end of your pregnancy.

Home Remedies for Back Pain May Include: Always sit in firm chairs supporting the lumbar area with a pillow. Keep your waist and lower back in the proper position.

Never Stop Moving

Staying immobile, even for a single day is actually not helpful. If you’re able, walk on a level surface for at least 10 minutes every few hours. Walk briskly if you can and swing your arms. If you must lie down, change positions often; if an activity requires you to sit down for a prolonged period, take breaks and move around often. Avoid activities that are strenuous, but keep active as much as possible to keep your muscles strong.

Massaging your back muscles to relieve the tension, is one of the most helpful home remedies for back pain. With the help of two tennis balls stuffed into a sock, and after you get a hot bath or shower, lie on your back on the floor, bend your knees, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Put the sock with the tennis balls under your lower back, with each ball on either side of your spine, breathe in deeply, and relax your body into the two balls for a few seconds. Breathe out slowly. Repeat.

Another of the home remedies for back pain is to use a hot pack, a heat wrap, or an electric heating pad to apply warmth to your lower back for at least 15-20 minutes.

Using an ice pack, or frozen bag of vegetables, ice the affected area for ten minutes every hour, on the first day, and then every three hours on the second


Stress and back pain go hand in hand and they seem to feed off each other. Learning yoga, breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation are great home remedies for back pain you can do at home.

If you have back pain, avoid activities that involve bending, reaching or lifting. When sitting, support your lower back with a small pillow or a rolled-up towel. While in bed, lie on your side and place a pillow between your knees. When you have to stand up for extended periods of time, have one foot on a low stool. Back pain remedies also involve knowing how to treat your back right.
In Summary: Back Pain Remedies and Prevention

Of the best home remedies for back pain I recommend, it’s to strengthen your core muscles with the right exercise. While all these back pain remedies are effective, it’s important to establish habits that will prevent your back pain.

Home remedies for back pain are easy on your wallet and many times are all that is needed to get the relief you’re looking for.

Author: Steve Berchtold