Sinus Infection Home Remedy

If you constantly try to blow your nose and don’t get all the mucus out, you may have an infection and need to use some sinus infection home remedy. There are things you can do on your own at home to battle this. Sinus infection home remedy will save you money and be as effective as paying a doctor for unsafe medicines.

There are two different types of sinus infections, “viral and bacterial.”

Great Sinus Relief Options

A viral sinus infection is caused by the average cold or allergy symptoms. The mucus your nose is discharging will appear clear and runny.

Bacterial is much worse, it produces a discharge that is yellow and green colored. One of the good sinus infection home remedy will work with both types of problems.

Effective Sinus infection home remedy include:

* Saline (salt-water) is terrific and safe to use as often as you need it. The one way to easily give your sinuses a “bath” is with the Neti-Pot.
* A hot shower and hot drink can do wonders to clear a stuffy head. (I use Green Tea!)
* You can also hold your head over a bowl of boiling water and cover your head with a towel to concentrate the steam. (Put a few drops of Eucalyptus in the boiling water.)
* A whole-house or room humidifier is also a good idea. Just be sure to clean it regularly, otherwise these devices can become part of the problem if mold or fungus is allowed to accumulate inside them.

Stay hydrated. Drinking more fluid minimizes dryness and irritation, and helps prevent or treat some headaches. Soda, milk, juices are not as good as water for maintaining hydration.

One of the best Sinus infection home remedy I have found to most effective is the “Neti-pot.”

This method is a bit more unusual for a person who’s never used it before, but it does work most effectively.

Buy yourself a “neti-pot.” This can be found online and many times, at your local health food store.

Get a cup of clean water and stir a 1/2 tablespoon full of “sea salt” into it. (DO NOT USE IODIZED SALT) Stir it gently until all the salt is mixed into the water. Tilt your head side ways over a sink and pour the liquid into your nostril and allow it to run out the other nostril. Let the salt water sit in your nose, giving it time to penetrate the blockage and get to the source of the problem. Some people find this unpleasant, which is why I categorize it as one of the sinus infection home remedy which is strange when you first use it.

The salt water kills bacteria. You may need to apply the salt water a few times to break up the mucus.

Once it penetrates the mucus, the salt may burn a little when it gets to the infection. Do not be alarmed, this means it is fighting the problem. If you do not like making your own salt water you can go to your local drug store and get a saline solution for your nose. The saline solution is the same thing as making your own salt water.

Give these methods of sinus infection home remedy a try. If they do not work for you, and the blockage is causing too much pressure, you may want to see your doctor. Your doctor can do a bacterial culture to see which types of antibiotics will help you – just remember that Sinus infection home remedy do work.

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