Parasites In The News Again


are in the news again! It’s called Toxoplasma gondii.

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Now the scientists are claiming that more research is needed into a disease spread by cats.

They’re saying about 350,000 people a year in the UK become infected with



Even though about only 10-20% have the symptoms, they say extra measures to control the disease may be needed.

The disease is spread by direct contact with cats or eating contaminated food that cats have contacted with the parasite.

You can read the Food Standards Agency official report here.

Treatment for Parasites:

dr clark productsCat owners are being re-assured that the risks of contracting the parasite can be reduced with good basic hygiene and common sense.

Veterinary surgeon Harvey Locke said: The biggest threat is to pregnant women and those who are a compromised immune system. He said, there’s no need for people to get rid of their cats or not to have cats as pets, but just take precautions with proper sanitary practices.

The report says there’s not really enough data yet on the condition, making it difficult to determine the real burden of the disease.

Andrew Wadge, who is a FSA chief scientist said: “This thorough and detailed report points out key gaps in our knowledge about this parasite and suggests areas where more research is needed.

“The report also suggests we look again at our advice to vulnerable groups and ensure that it reflects current scientific knowledge.”

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Once again, it comes back to the overall health of the individual and strength or lack of strength of their immune system. Dr. Hulda Clark taught that parasites were one of main reason for all diseases and she did this consistently throughout her days as a researcher and practitioner.

In about 80% of these cases, a person who is infected with this parasite will not even be aware and won’t even have any symptoms.

parasites in catMany others will develop mild flu-like symptoms, but may not need treatment.


(Toxoplasmosis) – the disease in humans – can cause serious complications in people with weakened immune systems, like people with HIV or cancer.

In England, for pregnant women, 3 babies in every 100,000 are born blind or have brain damage.

In Scotland, the parasite is a notifiable disease, but is neither a notifiable nor reportable in the rest of the UK.

Many health officials suggest the use of gloves.

The parasites main threat to us is the fact that it can get into the food chain from the cats feces, causing the contamination of our soil, water and plants.

Humans can get the infection from eating undercooked meat from animals with the parasite, from contact with cat litter or contaminated soil.

Ironically, once a person has been infected, they are immune from further infection for life.

The best way to avoid infection is to wear gloves when gardening or changing your cat’s litter box.

Be sure to wash fruit and vegetables before eating and always make sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked.

Most American women aren’t exposed to sheep or livestock, but for those in Europe, pregnant women should avoid contact with sheep and newborn lambs during the lambing season, because there is that slight risk that an infected sheep or lamb could pass the parasite on and infect the woman.

Obviously, parasites have always been in this world, but using caution and good personal hygiene habits, especially for us who have pets, will go a long way to protect our health.

Author: Steve Berchtold Parasites in the News Again

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