Natural Cures and Formal Medicine: A Comparison

Natural Cures

and Traditional Medicine: Let’s Compare

Despite the sophistication and modern developments in the field of medicine, many people still resort to

natural cures

when it comes to treating various kinds of diseases. From very simple discomforts like insect bites to more serious diseases like diabetes, going for natural treatment is becoming more and more popular today. Why?


natural cures

offers a lot of benefits, not only in terms of health improvement but as well as in terms of availability.

A Look at

Natural Cures

and Modern Medicine:

So, what makes natural cure different from modern medicine? What makes it work and what are its advantages? Natural Cures are defined by Wikipedia as Alternative medicine is any practice claiming to heal “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.” It may be based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on scientific evidence.”

Formal medicine deals with the cure of diseases using modern technology. And “technology” is something that sometimes causes more side effects and negative results than any natural cures.

Included in these technologies are the usual radiation and laser therapies used to treat diseases like cancer, as well as surgical procedures involving different machinery.

It uses processed medicine in the form of capsules, tablets, and syrup to cure illnesses like colds and flu.

Meanwhile, natural cure is focused on using raw food and home remedies to prevent and treat diseases.

This treatment works based on the principle that raw foods contain more nutrients and natural chemicals that are good for the body and beneficial for combating disease-causing elements.

Although it doesn’t completely shun medicine, it advocates limitation in medicine use, especially in very simple health conditions and pains that can still be cured with the natural method.

Other than their basic health benefits, natural cures are also better than artificial medicine in terms of the following:

Availability. The ingredients used in natural cure are very accessible. Whereas you can only find medicines in drugstores and in pharmaceutical clinics, natural healing foods are very easy to find because they are available almost everywhere—in your favorite grocery store, in the market, and even in your home.

Chances are, you can find something in your kitchen that you can use to cure a particular illness or health problem.

Affordability. Natural cure covers simple herbs and fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike medicines which are continuously becoming more and more expensive, natural products are more affordable. For instance, while toothache drops cost several bucks, you can easily use salt to alleviate the pain—no need to spend a lot at all!

•    Zero risks and side effects. Medicines like antibiotics work well. However, because they contain a lot of chemicals, side by side their benefits and healing power are usually negative side effects—allergies and drowsiness are just some of these. With natural cure, there’s no risk.

Raw foods are proven effective and safe because they’re free from harmful chemicals and have not undergone any processing at all.

With the various benefits of natural cures, not only in health but in other aspects as well, they are now widely recognized and are already a very popular means of disease prevention and treatment.

More and more people are becoming natural cure advocates as researches and studies continue to discover the benefits of natural and raw foods. When used side by side modern medicine, they are a great means to getting rid of diseases while staying healthy.

The problem is, that many doctors will actually discourage the use of antioxidants and nutritional foods during the use of chemotherapy.

For the past 10 years Marilyn Reid has been active as an advocate for Alternative Health Therapies, with an emphasis on healthy living and raw food diets.

Marilyn has been fascinated with the work of the Healthy Lifestyle Nutritionist and Guru, David Wolfe and has a blog which keeps up with the latest in the world of natural lifestyles.

Natural cures are overlooked too often, but maybe that’s because most people have been “conditioned” to not even consider using one, when they’re ill.

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