Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

Home remedies for stretch marks

are the best way to address them after you’ve had a baby or maybe just finished an extensive diet and want to remove them.

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The reasons why people might want to find

home remedies for stretch marks

are usually the same.

A woman who just had a baby and sees the stretch marks around her abdominal area. Sometimes the stretch marks are still visible years later. Also people who have lost a lot of weight will usually find stretch marks on their abdominal areas, and all over their body, wherever the most body fat accumulated.

In many cases these are permanent, but there are many

home remedies for stretch marks available,

which can lessen their visibility.

Obviously, stretch marks happened from cells, membranes and walls getting pulled and stretched beyond capacity, until eventually they gave out and broke.

People of all ages and both sexes can get stretch marks. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and under normal use, it maintains it’s elasticity without any problem. But when our skin is stretched for weight gain fluctuations or pregnancies, the extreme demand of excessive elasticity is too much.

You really only have two choices: Either costly surgery OR home remedies for stretch marks

If you’re looking for home remedies for stretch marks because you’ve lost a lot of weight, then add to your diet, foods that contain high amounts of vitamin E, like almonds, avocados and hazelnuts. These raise the levels of vitamin E in your blood, which help revitalize and heal your skin.

There are many creams and other products that you apply topically to the stretch marks. Anything with vitamin E in it will indicate that it’s probably one of the home remedies for stretch marks that will work. A product with almond, honey, and avocado cream will be a good indicator that this may be a good product to use.

They’re usually rubbed into the stretch marks at least once a day, before you go to bed, so the active ingredients work while you’re sleeping.

These types of creams are good home remedies for stretch marks because they help to “heal” the overall appearance over time. It can take a few months for the effect to fully be seen, but remember, they didn’t get there overnight either. Be patient and continue using the cream.

One of the best home remedies for stretch marks is to get more exercise. Toning your muscles helps develop the skin as well.

A gym membership is not necessary to start toning your muscles and skin. Getting a few dumbbells to use at home, in your spare time, will work just as well.

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As I mentioned, vitamin E, is a great warrior in the fight against stretch marks. Don’t just depend on the ointments and creams to supply all your vitam E, but include sources of Vitamin E in your daily diet and try to eat plenty of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables and healthy oils.

Other vitamins that will help healing and the appearance of your skin are C, A, K and zinc.

Vitamin K and zinc are very good in preventing and reducing stretch marks, so increase your intake of these two essential nutrients through your diet.

Your DNA and genetic make up determine much about your skin conditioning throughout your life. But, there is still a lot you can do to improve the condition of your skin and your stretch marks with some very effective home remedies.

While you can’t really reverse stretch marks or completely get rid of them, you can lighten them and diminish them.

Apricot or walnut scrubs available on the market, seem to reduce the stretch marks and moisturize skin simultaneously.

There are many home remedies for stretch marks on the market, that claim to get rid of the stretch marks, but none of them can do magic and make your skin look like it did before you had a baby or gained weight.

On the other hand, some home remedies for stretch marks are often quite effective in reducing the marks.

Regularly apply Vitamin E oil, lavender oil, and aloe vera gel, moisturizing the skin, making it soft and supple, and you’ll help to prevent stretch marks.

It also helps fade stretch marks.

Another of the preferred home remedies for stretch marks is a natural moisturizing massage oil, using 1 ounce of avocado, jojoba or sweet almond oil, 7 drops of lavender oil and a few drops of chamomile oil.

Daily application of this oil has been shown to lighten stretch marks.

Cocoa butter is also good for stretch marks, especially after pregnancy.

Home remedies for stretch marks will include taking supplements, using creams enriched with these nutrients and simply eating a healthy and nutritious diet.

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Foods rich in Vitamin K include tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and liver. Zinc is found in most seeds and nuts. Home remedies for stretch marks will work, but you must use these consistently.

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