Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

are the best way to treat your problem.

My Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Relief Recommendation!

Hemorrhoids are swollen and protruding blood veins. They can be internal and originate inside the lower anal canal, or external, forming in the outer area of skin around it.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

can relieve the itching, burning, stinging, pain and bleeding of the swollen tissues. Approximately 75% of Americans experience hemorrhoids at some point in their lives.

Hemorrhoids can be the result of an unusual one-time situation or for some, a chronic problem. It is often a problem for women during pregnancy, as well as, men or women who spend the majority of their time sitting, such as truck drivers. Try out one of the

home remedies for hemorrhoids,

and see what a difference it makes in your road to pain free relief.

Factors that may encourage hemorrhoids to develop are: family history, gravity or prolonged standing, prolonged sitting, age, constipation and consequent use of laxatives, lack of sufficient fiber in the diet, excess body weight, pregnancy and certain sexual practices.

Fortunately, in most cases, you are perfectly capable of providing your own cure, with home remedies for hemorrhoids, and saving yourself the embarrassment and cost of a visit to a medical professional.

Some of the home remedies for hemorrhoids are actually preventative measures, rather than cures.

First, add more fiber to your diet and drink at least the recommended eight large glasses of water per day. This keeps the digestive system healthy, and reduces the amount of irritation that results from a bowl movement. Additionally, when you have to go, go! Don’t strain and sweat to go, wait until your body is ready for a bathroom break.

My Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Relief Recommendation!

Sometimes propping your feet on a small stool while using the bathroom, helps to relieve strain. If you are constipated, an all-natural vegetable laxative purchased over-the-counter can offer gentle relief and it’s perfectly harmless. Keep the anal area clean at all times and be sure to rinse off soap residue completely.

home remedies for hemorrhoidsThere are also cleansing lotions designed specifically for this purpose. One other problem that may contribute to the development of hemorrhoids is being overweight, which puts added strain on the hemorrhoids as well as the entire body.

Now is the time to go on that diet you’ve been putting off; this alone, will take care of several of the home remedies for hemorrhoids and preventive measures discussed above.

Now that you have implemented some preventative home remedies for hemorrhoids, you will need relief from the swelling, burning and itching associated with hemorrhoids. Below are a few very effective home remedies for hemorrhoids.

Apply a poultice of raw potatoes; peel and liquefy in the blender, wrap in gauze and chill in refrigerator and apply. Do not use for internal relief.

Eat at least 3 prunes a day; they are a natural laxative and they really work!

Apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball; vinegar will relieve itching and it’s a natural astringent that will shrink the swollen tissues.

Ice will sooth the pain of hemorrhoids; crush the ice and place it in a plastic freezer bag, wrap it in a thin towel and sit on it!
Aloe Vera gel is an anti-inflammatory that will reduce hemorrhoid irritation.

Use only pure Aloe Vera Gel from a bottle or break off a leaf from the plant and use it.  Aloe is classifies with other home remedies for hemorrhoids.

For keeping the hemorrhoid area clean, baby wipes are a great option; some even contain Aloe Vera.

To relieve itching and pain, mix equal parts dry ground mustard and honey and apply.

Get a doughnut cushion (discount drug stores have them) and use it whenever you will be sitting for long periods. These cushions are usually inflatable plastic, so they can also be used to sit in a sitz bath, which is just warm water.

Use enough water to cover the cushion and then sit in the bath until it cools off. You can do this 3-4 times a day.

If you practice hemorrhoid prevention and use these great and inexpensive home remedies for hemorrhoids, you may just avoid that doctor’s office and end up hemorrhoid free!  Try home remedies for hemorrhoids today.

My Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids Relief Recommendation!

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