Home Remedies For Fleas

Home Remedies For Fleas

would be the logical alternative to harmful chemicals and sprays that could harm your baby or children.

Garlic in your dog’s meals will help to keep them free of fleas. You can also try giving your pet Black Walnut Hulls that come in a capsule form at many health food stores which will repel not only fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

They will take about four to six weeks before they are effective. But,

home remedies for fleas

is still the safer way to attack the problem for your pests and family.

If you suspect that your pet does have a flea infestation examine the animal closely by separating the hair on the animals back or flank area. You may actually be able to see a flea, but more likely you’ll see the evidence that the flea was there.

Flea feces will appear as small, black pebbles in the fur and on the skin. To determine whether or not it’s flea dirt, you can take some wet paper towel and wipe it over areas where the dirt is most prominent. If the dirt on the wet paper towel has dissolved into red blood then you can be sure you’re dealing with a flea problem.

The first steps of

home remedies for fleas

problems is to clean areas that don’t get much exposure to sunlight. Fleas like humid and cool areas, and upholstered furniture.

Before vacuuming the carpets, sprinkle Borax or baking soda in the areas you’ll vacuum. Work it into the base of the carpet with a broom as much as possible.

Let it sit for a few hours; these powders will cause the flea eggs tucked deep into the carpet to dry out. Home remedies for fleas is a step by step process.

Don’t let your pets walk on the carpet at that time, since they might lick it off their paws and get sick.

When your vacuum bag is full, “seal it” in a plastic trash bag before putting it in the trash container outside.

Home remedies for fleas

continues in the next steps:

Now, on a warm enough day, give your pet a bath. Use any gentle shampoo. Wash the neck first so that the fleas don’t jump up on the head during bathing.

Be thorough and you’ll see several fleas floating around in the water. Home remedies for fleas will now include making your own natural flea “repellant.”

Take two cups of fresh rosemary leaves and add them to two pints of water. Boil for thirty minutes. Strain the liquid, discard the leaves and mix it with a gallon of warm water.

Add 2 to 3 drops of the lemon mixture under your pet’s collar to help keep fleas off. Pour this all over your pet til saturated, making sure not to get any in his eyes.

Don’t rinse it off, but allow your pet to air dry naturally. The next home remedies for fleas step is to comb your pet immediately after their coat is dry with a “flea comb.”

The next home remedies for fleas step is to prepare their collar with drops of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil , citronella, lavender, or geranium. This will need to be done weekly.

WARNING: Do not use essential oils on cats!

Home remedies for fleas using yeast:

Buy some brewer’s or nutritional yeast and rub it onto your pet’s skin. Sprinkle a small amount onto their wet food and mix it in. (Fleas DO NOT like the taste of yeast, but it will not harm your pets.)

If fleas are a problem in a specific area of your yard or home, the home remedies for fleas that work is to fill an aluminum pie pan with soapy water, and set it out in the area (i.e. under a bed or area close to where your pet sleeps).

The fleas are trapped on top of the water due to the tension of the surface of the water. Change the water every day til you don’t see anymore fleas.

You should empty it daily to prevent mosquitoes from forming also.

Author: Steve Berchtold

These home remedies for fleas will work if you follow the directions carefully.

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