Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Many people visit Ear Nose and Throat specialists every year because of developing an ear infection.

While these are more common in infants and children, ear infections can occur in adults as well for a variety of reasons.

There are two main types of ear infections, Otitis Media and Otitis Externa. Otitis Media affects the middle part of the ear and is most frequently found in children while Otitis Externa, which is also known as swimmer’s ear, is more frequent amongst adults. Ear infections typically develop during the winter season and are not contagious.  Home remedies for ear infections can be very helpful.

If you feel an ear infection coming on, and can’t get in to see a doctor right away, try out some of these helpful home remedies for ear infections that can help to alleviate the pain and symptoms of this common infection.

Effective home remedies for ear infections:

While many cases, especially in small children, require a strong antibiotic to cure an ear infection, there are some home remedies for ear infections available that may help to ease the pain, such as adding several drops of garlic juice into the infected ear. Garlic is widely known for its many health benefits. The juice contains a natural antibiotic called allicin that can help to fight both otitis media and otitis externa.

Holding a blow dryer around 12 to 15 inches from the ear may also help to alleviate the pain and also aid in removing any water that could be trapped in the Eustachian tube.

Two to three drops of warmed olive oil in each ear can be helpful. As well as a few drops of lobelia extract rubbed into the infected ear. Hydrogen peroxide is also a great tool on the list of home remedies for ear infections, however this should not be used with small children.

More home remedies for ear infections:

As with the hair dryer technique, adding any type of heat to your ear can help to loosen the fluids that may be trapped in the Eustachian tubes. A reusable heat pack is another great alternative to use, Wrap the heat pack in a towel, never apply it directly to the skin, and leave the pack lying against the infected area for around twenty minutes every day.

Some more home remedies for ear infections that may not be as widely known are applying a packet of salt to the infected ear. To do this, place a cup of iodized salt in the microwave for two minutes and then put the salt into a clean sock or cloth bag. Apply this packet to the infected ear and leave it there for thirty minutes. The salt will help to draw out any liquid in the tubes.

Home remedies for ear infections that include tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil, also known as Mellalucca, includes an active ingredient called Terpineol. This antibiotic can be used to help lessen the infection. Adding two drops of tea tree oil to the infected ear daily can help your ear heal much faster.

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