Dry Skin, Coughs and Colds

Dry skin

is a typical problem in the winter months.

Reduce Phlegm, Thick Mucus and Throat Congestion With This!

Winter can be tiring and brutal on our bodies.

Dry skin,

coughs and colds are norm for most everyone when we live in a super dried out environment.

There are some things we can do and they will help us get through this winter and feel much better!

Dry, cracked skin is a part of the season for many — but it doesn’t have to be so bad.

Fortify your

dry skin

by eating one ounce of walnuts daily. Within two weeks, the natural omega-3 oils will not only keep your energy levels up, but improve the elasticity and natural moisture in your skin.

Dry skin is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also a sign of deficiency internally. Dry skin, coughs and colds don’t just happen and it’s a sign of a weakened immune system.

That happens through nutritional deficiencies and external environmental issues. Building up your immune system should be the priority, especially during the time of year when it tends to be under attack from these external environmental enemies.

The cold of winter does several things that do not help you stay healthy. The first thing is that you stay inside more because it’s too cold to go out and enjoy staying out very long. Then you cannot get the normal healthy exposure to the sun like you would in warmer weather. Your Vitamin D levels are low.

In addition to those negatives, you have to heat your home and this creates a “drying out” of your environment to breathe at a humidity level that’s normal and comfortable for people.

Dry skin will occur and it will only be worse if you don’t consume enough natural oil foods and supplements.

Dry skin is relative to the coughs and colds since your entire upper respiratory system is violated with the same dryness your skin is.

Dry skin, coughs and colds tend to weaken our strength to fight back, but if we want to fight it and win, we have to take charge of our health and “strengthen our immune systems.”

If the news about over-the-counter cough syrup has you down, try this natural alternative:

Add three tablespoons of dried “thyme” to one pint of boiling water. Let cool, then add one cup of honey. Take one teaspoon every hour as needed. You can store the mix in the fridge for up to three months.

Reduce Phlegm, Thick Mucus and Throat Congestion With This!

There’s no cure for a runny nose like getting the snot out, and garlic can do the trick.

Just add garlic to your meals for both a short-term treatment and long-term fortification against the next cold or flu virus.

Also: Boil water with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil. Stand with your head far enough above the pot to avoid scalding, cover your head and the pot of water with a towel, and breathe deeply.

Dry indoor air, coupled with a sneeze, can be a recipe for nosebleeds. No one wants to suffer the flu or colds, but living a “loose nutritional lifestyle” could have you paying the price.

A daily cup of leafy greens can provide enough vitamin K to fortify sensitive capillaries and help your blood clot quickly. Kale and collard greens have the highest vitamin K content, followed by spinach.

Another natural remedy for nosebleeds is yarrow, a flower available as a supplement.

dry skin

A little illness can take a lot out of you — like your voice or your desire to speak at all.

For a sore throat, the tea remedy is as old as time, it seems. Try jujube tea for an extra vitamin C boost.

Other natural sore throat remedies include a goldenseal gargle, or a Pelargonium sidoides supplement.

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