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Depression Is A Bummer

Have you had days where you didn’t know why you felt down or even depressed? You didn’t have a specific reason to feel that way, but you did.

Guess why I am writing this article today? You guessed it… I’m feeling a little down today! (I know, guys are suppose to be almost without emotions most of the time, right?)

Did you know that there are actually essential oils that will treat and soothe that depression away? It’s true.

Here are the most powerful three that you should have in your medicine cabinet for such a time as that.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia): Among citrus plants Bergamot is regarded as the most fragile thus requiring extraordinary soil and climate to flourish. Bergamot has been used throughout history to lessen stress and nervousness as well as to invigorate the skin. Since it has the ability to rejuvenate and calm and thus reduce depression and anxiety it is considered unique among citrus oil. Bergamot can also cleanses and purify skin.

Peppermint (Mentha Piperia): It’s not just a nice smelling fragrance they use in gum and candy. A research by University of Kiel revealed that when mixed with some eucalyptus oil, the peppermint oil helped with headaches. The research also brought to light the fact that the peppermint oil was very helpful in cases of depression or sadness or general lack of enthusiasm.

Spearmint (Mentha Viridis): Spearmint is an ancient plant with well-studied uses for helping with digestion, easing headaches, and promoting healing. It has even been found in historical records from ancient Greece. Its bright freshness can help improve weight loss, too, by boosting the metabolism, and it acts as a tonic for the gall bladder. Spearmint oil can help stimulate the appetite, fight depression, and make childbirth easier.

simply aromaThese three essential oils make for a real “depression buster” when you’re feeling a little down and don’t want to feel that way anymore.

They have so many other benefits too, all essential oils have several benefits because they’re all natural with no side effects like the pharmaceuticals commonly prescribed for depression.

You don’t have to worry about disclaimers when you take essential oils for healing. All of Simply Aroma’s essential oils are 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils, so you know the quality and purity are top notch.

These oils are so nice and if you were wishing for a great all natural product line that you could sell and still be able to stay at home with your children and family, Simply Aroma is the perfect match. Plus, you can get all the oils at a greatly reduced price as a Simply Aroma consultant. They offer complete video training and everything you need to be a total success!

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