chemtrail illnesses

Chemtrails Health Effects On The General Population

We are being poisoned on a scale that makes every war crime pale in comparison. Much more subtly though…

Because we’re not dropping likes flies after a can of Raid gets sprayed on a garbage can, we don’t pay attention.

But the people behind it all know what will happen when the truth gets out… People will be furious!

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We have to put an end to this and educate people how they are being poisoned. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want spraying to cease once they realize their health is being compromised?

Over the past ten years there have been DRAMATIC increases in several diseases…

Through research and the personal accounts of many individuals, it has become readily apparent that the aluminum and barium salt mixtures, polymer fibers, toxic chemicals and biologicals sprayed in the atmosphere are the irritants that are either directly or indirectly responsible for health problems on the rise in the United States and elsewhere.

chemtrail affects healthThese toxic particulates are rapidly absorbed from the respiratory system and the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the lungs, muscles, and bone.

This illegal aerial spraying is producing atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds and fungus.

The hardest thing for people to face is the possible reality that our very own government would actually do this to us. Why?

Many people in the elite power and wealth circles on this planet, believe there are too many people on the planet to sustain life much longer, and are the ones with the power and money to do this. By doing it incrementally and over time, they keep the reality barely noticed and accomplish their goal.

In case you haven’t noticed, our government has been doing this type of thing for many years. (Testing biological, nuclear and mind control etc. on our own military men)

Here’s a partial list of health problems reported by private citizens to many Chemtrail researchers:

1.Nose and lung bleeds (the latter including several reports from nursing homes of elderly dying from lung bleed outs, we believe being directly attributable to atmospheric aerosols)

2.Asthma and allergies

3.Allergic ABPA (bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) (fungus on the lungs in both infants and adults),

4.Flu, Bronchitis and Pneumonia (in epidemic proportions, with doctors commenting to their patients on the many weeks it sometimes takes to improve and the lack of effective antibiotics to treat, including reports of pets having the flu, whole families being decimated), meningitis (inflammation infection of the brain)

5.Upper respiratory symptoms (wheezing, dry cough), including Pulmonary Distress Syndrome (PDS) (in newborns, infants and adults alike), Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), and increased nationwide reports of the sudden death of athletes (reported in the news media as having possibly been attributable directly to air particulates/pollution)

6.Deaths from black mold; black or red mold on food crops (farmers reporting pH changes of soil and water), in buildings and ventilation systems (including school buildings)

7.Arthritis-like symptoms and muscular pain (young and old alike, sometimes crippling, and in pets)

8.Gastrointestinal distress (young and old alike, and in pets)

chemtrails9.Bladder and yeast infections (includes bed wetting, not just in infants but adults)

10.Extreme fatigue (young and old alike)

11.Ringing of the ears, dizziness (increasingly reported immediately preceding or after a storm or weather system)

12.Eye problems – pink eye, blurred and deteriorating vision/nervous tics after exposure to the air outdoors

13.Dry/cracking skin and lips, rashes, sores and fungal infections, aging of the skin

14.Mental confusion, slow thinking or the feeling of mentally “being in a fog” (young and old alike, increasingly reported after actually being in heavy mists and fog banks)

15.Autoimmune disorders (Lupus, Crohn’s, Addison’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.)

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Rather than spend time boring you with all the facts about what these heavy metals and toxins do to our health, I’ll just give a quick summary:

Aluminum Symptoms –
Symptoms include constipation, colic, loss of appetite, nausea, skin ailments, twitching of leg muscles, excessive perspiration, and loss of energy. Don’t use aluminum cookware and drink tap water.

Small quantities of soluble salts of aluminum present in the blood causes a slow form of poisoning characterized by motor paralysis and areas of local numbness, with fatty degeneration of kidney and liver.

red chemtrailsThere are also anatomical changes in the nerve centers and symptoms of gastro intestinal inflammation.

In the last few years there has been much publicity about aluminum, as well as a connection of aluminum to Alzheimer Disease. According to Dr. Terry L. Franks the clinical picture is clear that Alzheimer’s is concurrently involved with aluminum toxicity and he also believes it is the major contributing factor to Alzheimer’s.

It will progressively worsen in North America in the coming year because of the pervasive use of aluminum. Aluminum has the tendency to freeze up or irritate nerve endings, producing spasm and contraction.

When a person is going through aluminum detoxification, it can actually look like an advanced case of Alzheimers Disease.

Dementia resulting from kidney dialysis related to aluminum toxicity causes memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion and disorientation.

Early symptoms of aluminum toxicity include: flatulence, headaches, colic, dryness of skin and mucous membranes, tendency for colds, burning pain in the head relieved by food, heartburn and an aversion to meat.

Researchers have found Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and other substances in higher than normal quantities when testing water and soil samples.

So, we know what they’re spraying and how it affects our health.

The question now remains, how can we stop them and what can we do to reverse the health nightmare they are creating?

Decreasing contact with and use of aluminum-containing substances will reduce intake and allow more aluminum to leave the body.

Oral chelating agents will also help clear aluminum more rapidly. Calcium disodium edetate (EDTA) binds and clears aluminum from the body; this substance is fairly nontoxic and used as the agent for “chelation therapy.”

Deferoxamine, an iron chelator, also binds aluminum. In a study with Alzheimer’s patients, nearly 40 percent of the patients showed an improvement in symptoms with deferoxamine treatment.

There is even some evidence that intravenous chelation with EDTA helps Alzheimer’s patients. (More research is needed to evaluate aluminum’s involvement with this disease.) Recovery is excellent for removing heavy metals.

Vitamin C Has been found to bind aluminum. The average dose, if the patient is relatively comfortable, is about six grams a day. Up to twelve grams is not excessive. The average time on an aluminum detoxification is three to four weeks.

Avoid the sources of aluminum. Eliminating foods that have aluminum additives is probably healthier overall. Not using common table salt is a positive health step as well. Some tap waters contain aluminum, this can be checked.

Avoid aluminum cookware and replace it with stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. Avoid blocking skin and sweat pores with aluminum anti-perspirants.

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