Chemtrails Exposed

Chemtrails and “geo-engineering” are too obvious!

Have you ever come to where you can no longer take the injustice and attacks against people you love and even yourself? I’ve reached that point!

There is no greater “untold” issue in our world today than the constant and world wide


spraying of human beings, animals and plants.

Our water, our air, and our lives are “under attack” by the elite that use this planet as an experiment and their lab and it’s people as test subjects.

Personally, I have been experiencing the symptoms of the heavy and constant


spraying they’re doing here in SW Florida.


I only remember 1 day in September when they did not spray! Are you saying they spray every day there? YES!!! I am saying that!

And I’ve got dated pictures to prove it! On my new Facebook page, Chemtrails Exposed, I will continue to post information that will help bring this “spraying” to an end!

Please visit there if you’re not like some people that think if they “stick their head in the sand,” it will just all blow over by itself.

Chemtrails and the geo-engineering is causing a death rate increase of 8.3 times over the last ten years! That’s not a conspiracy theory! It’s fact!

Why would companies like Mansanto sue the state of Hawaii because they would not allow them to plant their GMO crops?
Monsanto purchased “The Climate Corporation” in 2013. why? Because those connected to the climate engineering need to control the flow of information in order to better capitalize from the ever increasing engineered disasters.


Controlling the message makes for better manipulation of the farmers struggling from the geoengineered destruction.

You can read the entire article here.

chemtrails photo
Photo by tortuga767
“Monsanto Company announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire The Climate Corporation for a cash purchase price of approximately $930 million. The acquisition will combine The Climate Corporation’s expertise in agriculture analytics and risk-management with Monsanto’s R&D capabilities, and will provide farmers access to more information about the many factors that affect the success of their crops. The companies’ combined capabilities will support greater productivity while utilizing the planet’s finite resources more precisely.”

The irony here is that, “It’s Monsanto that’s creating the “planet’s finite resources!” Which obviously will make them VERY wealthy!

The Climate Corporation was founded in 2006 by a highly successful team of software engineers and data scientists formerly with Google and other leading Silicon Valley technology companies. Since that time, the company has built the agriculture industry’s most advanced technology platform combining hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic data modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver a complete suite of full-season monitoring, analytics and risk-management products.

Working with HAARP, Monsanto can have the whole monopoly on food supplies and weather control.

It’s been both praised and maligned. Praised by scientists as a tool to gain knowledge about Earth’s ionosphere; maligned as a secret means to develop an ultimate weapon.

The HAARP resembles a giant radio antennae. It’s 180 towers are 78 feet tall and have been beaming radio waves into the atmosphere since 1997.

The facility covers about thirty acres of Department of Defense land just off the Tok Cutoff, not far from Gakona Junction.

The news of its imminent shut-down as of this year, has alarmed the scientific community. But, what many don’t realize is that they have constructed many more locations.

And as for the chemtrails, they have so many bases to launch their poison from, that it will take a world wide effort to stop the “money mongers” insatiable lust to control and dominate our lives, with no consequences to them.

Author: Steve Berchtold


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