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Beating Cancer The Right Way

Beating cancer is not done one way only.

With all the great information on the internet now, it’s hard to imagine anyone still not learning about all the natural healing ways to defeat this dreaded disease.

But, because of the massive brainwashing and “convincing” by the media and our doctors, most people are plunged headlong into “panic, fear and urgency,” when they get the bad diagnosis of cancer.

How do I know that to be true? I’ve been there, beating cancer. (Read my whole story in my eBook, “FIRE Your Doctor and Get Well!”)

They believe that the only way of

beating cancer

is the way the doctors tell you do to it.

I don’t dislike most doctors, even though they are “uneducated” in ALL areas of natural healing, herbal benefits, parasites and toxic harm of our man made environments.

They just don’t get any of it in medical school and

beating cancer

is taught mostly the way it’s been done for the last 50 years!!

Now, I know that is changing to a degree, but the natural way of healing is NOT, to a large degree. The established medical community does NOT want it to happen, for fear of losing their massive incomes.

They make too much money to get you REALLY well, using natural healing and help you stay well. Besides, we have a food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry that thinks the same way.

Dr. Burzynski of Texas



Money drives the motives of people that care more about making “more money,” than they do about exposing the ills of their products. The government is complicit to a large degree also.

Many of the regulations that supposedly “protect” the consumer and their safety, still ALLOW many levels of “toxins and poisons” to go free of restriction.

If they deem a certain “level” of lead to be safe in lipstick for instance, (if the science hasn’t yet proven otherwise), then as long as a manufacturer doesn’t go over “that level,” they can sell it legally. You’ll never be “beating cancer” till you remove toxins from your environment.

Other chemicals are just “not considered” to be harmful, when in fact, they are causing cancer and other debilitating diseases. What’s the point of me telling you all this?

The natural healing way of

beating cancer

is not quackery (as many “so-called” authorities claim), and they do work! The trouble is, they’re NOT supported by most doctors and many doctors are fearful of the potential backlash to their income and practice, if they “buck the establishment.”

dr hulda clarkDr. Clark was a brilliant researcher who worked for years to educate and help people all over the world. Beating cancer with her research, that proved the two main causes of cancer to be toxins and parasites.

Dr. Hulda Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts, with High Honors.

After two years of study at McGill University, she attended the University of Minnesota, studying biophysics and cell physiology. She received her Doctorate in 1958.

After doing government sponsored research for almost ten years at Indiana University, she began full-time private consulting in nutrition in 1979. Beating cancer was not the first reason for her studies.

She continued her studies to earn a Naturopathy Degree and an amateur radio license.

It is because of her research and hard work, that I am still here and well after facing melanoma cancer in 2003.

When I hear the comments and derision from the “ignorant” or misinformed doctors, scientists and just critics in general; I say like the blind man who Jesus healed, “I don’t know who this woman is, all I know is that I was diagnosed with melanoma, I used her protocol, and now I’m still here cancer free, healthy and well after all these years!”

dr clark productsIt’s too late for the “world of the ignorant,” to try and convince me it’s quackery! Natural healing works! It’s better and always will be better.

That’s why I have 3 websites to attest to that fact! Beating cancer is just part of why I’ve dedicated much of my time and efforts to home remedies and natural health.

We all must be responsible to learn and take care of ourselves and our own health. That’s why I wince when I hear about this health care battle in America.

When you know “what to avoid” and “what you need,” your health care plan is so much better than being “treated” by any health care plan! Beating cancer can be done without being “cut, burned and poisoned.”

Author: Steve Berchtold

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