Almond Food Allergy I Didn’t Know I Had

Have you heard of an

almond allergy?

Little did I know about how serious an

almond food allergy

can be. Did you know that reaction to a food allergy can be more than a little rash on your skin?

I just learned a hard lesson yesterday… My throat and esophagus swelled, as well as my bottom lip when I consumed almonds. Did I have an almond food allergy?

Tree nuts, including almonds, are the second most common form of food allergies leading to a fatal reaction after peanuts, something I didn’t know till yesterday!

Signs of an Almond Allergy:

Not all reactions are so severe as to result in death, but many people with an almond allergy exhibit a range of symptoms from mild to serious. A person that has an

almond allergy

are considered a lifelong problem, since there is no cure.

People who are allergic to almonds should also be careful if eating other tree nuts, since they may have an allergic reaction to other nuts in addition to the almond allergy.

Almonds produce the mildest reaction of all tree nut allergies. It is possible to develop an allergic reaction to almonds later in life. But children who are allergic rarely outgrown this particular allergy. Unlabeled foods and health care products may contain almond components resulting in an unexpected reaction for allergy sufferers.

Some people have a mild allergy to almonds. This may manifest itself in a variety of ways. Severe allergic reactions can quickly develop into breathing trouble, wheezing and swelling of the tongue and/or throat. Respiratory symptoms from a mild almond allergy include wheezing and difficulty breathing. Gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, diarrhea and vomiting may also occur.

almond allergyYou may may notice swelling or tingling around the mouth. Itchy skin rashes or hives may also arise, and these may occur whether the person has touched or eaten the allergy-causing almonds. The amount of almonds consumed may affect the severity of the reaction and how many symptoms appear. Some people may experience mild symptoms the first few times they eat almonds, but the symptoms become increasingly problematic with time.

Almond Allergy Treatment:

Severest reactions include a drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. An allergic reaction to almonds sometimes starts with a tingling sensation in the mouth. Then, abdominal cramps or diarrhea may occur. If you feel that you are having an allergic reaction to almonds, you can take Benadryl or Claritin. If the reaction still escalates to shortness of breath, wheezing or swelling of tongue or throat, get to a clinic or hospital where they can administer epinephrine.

Depending on the person, sufferers may develop allergy symptoms in minutes or several hours later.

When a person is allergic to almonds, it’s most likely that they will be allergic to other nuts.

Always read food labels and personal products like shampoos and suntan lotion. Manufacturers occasionally change product ingredients sometimes before changing the labeling. If you’re not sure, call the manufacturer directly.

According to Dr. Alan Greene, laryngospasm from a food allergy, such as an almond allergy, happens when the offending food causes swelling in the throat when swallowed. This swelling spreads to the vocal cords, which when swollen block the airway. As a result of this blockage, the individual becomes unable to breathe and can die without immediate medical treatment.

In some people, the first exposure to almonds or other tree nuts sensitizes a vulnerable person to the disease, and they will then experience laryngospasm the second time they eat almonds.

Anaphylactic shock is another type of fatal reaction to almonds that can occur in some people. A person may first experience a tingling or itching sensation and may have a metallic taste in his mouth. After a period of time, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, the person will experience more severe symptoms, which may include swelling, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, low blood pressure and eventually a loss of consciousness and death.

In my case, I am grateful that I didn’t experience the severity I might have had, but I’m still not eating handfuls of almonds anymore! Almond food allergies can be serious.

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