Think Before You Run To Get A “Flu Shot!”

Before you run out with all the other panic stricken lemmings to get a flu shot, think about these facts!

What’s in the Seasonal Flu Vaccine?

The flu strains selected are cultivated in chick embryos for several weeks before being inactivated with formaldehyde, which is a known cancer-causing agent. Then they’re preserved with thimerosal, which is 49 percent mercury by weight. Continue reading Think Before You Run To Get A “Flu Shot!”

Exercise Makes Children Smarter

A little over 3 years ago in 2010, researchers have found an association between physical fitness and the brain in 9- and 10-year-old children: Those who are more fit tend to have a bigger hippocampus and perform better on a test of memory than their less-fit peers. Imagine how this applies to toddlers and young children that are beginning to want to run, jump and play. Continue reading Exercise Makes Children Smarter