Puberty At Nine?

Puberty at Nine? Is this possible and why?

Girls are now reaching puberty at age nine, thanks to chemicals in the food supply. (milk and plastics)

The average age of puberty in girls is now nine years old, in a phenomenon increasingly being blamed on rising obesity and exposure to hormone-disrupting pollutants in the food supply.

Puberty at nine was unthinkable before.

The study was conducted in 2006 by researchers from the world-renowned Department of Growth and Reproduction at University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The researchers found that among 1,000 girls, the average age of breast development was nine years and 10 months, a full year earlier than when a similar study was conducted in 1991.

“We were very surprised that there had been such a change in a period of just 15 years,” researcher Anders Juul said.

Although the study was conducted in Denmark, experts believe that it applies to other parts of the First World, including Europe and the United States. This earlier age of maturation is even more striking when compared with the 19th century, when girls reached puberty at an average age of 15, and boys reached it at 17.

Since then, the age of puberty has moved back steadily, until age 14 for boys and age 12 for girls were formally declared “normal” in the 1960s.

These numbers were based on the average age of first period for girls and of voices breaking for boys. Puberty at nine years old has now become too common.

It’s not just scientific studies suggesting these figures are now obsolete; anecdotal reports of boys dropping out of choir schools when their voices break at age 12 or 13 are now widespread. According to Richard Stanhope, an expert in childhood hormonal disorders, specialists are now convinced that early puberty is a real phenomenon.

Puberty at nine or ten can be hard on children who are mature physically, but still young emotionally, experts warn.

“All the things we experience as teenagers are difficult enough to cope with, but when puberty at nine, 10 or 11, it is much worse,” Stanhope said.

“These children are also at a much higher risk of being sexually abused, because it is hard for some adults to understand and behave appropriately toward them.”

A girl interviewed anonymously by the Times of London said her early development subjected her to teasing at school.

Puberty at nine, meant I had to wear a bra,” she said. “I used to pretend to be ill to get out of changing for PE.

The worst part was men coming on to me as though I was an adult when actually I was 11.” Puberty at nine is just too much for many children.

The biological risks can also be dire. Earlier menarche in girls means a longer lifetime exposure to estrogen, which has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

Puberty at nine or even ten, as asked in the New York Times article… Is this the new “normal?”

“If girls mature early and have puberty at nine, they run into teenage problems at an early age and they’re more prone to diseases later on,” Juul said.

“We should be worried about this regardless of what we think the underlying reasons might be. It’s a clear sign that something is affecting our children, whether it’s junk food, environmental chemicals or lack of physical activity.”

“We don’t know if this is the result of better nutrition or environmental factors, but it does create social problems for girls who are already living in a sexualized society,” agreed Richard Sharpe, head of the human reproductive sciences unit for the United Kingdom’s Medical Research Council.

The cause of early puberty at nine remains contested, but the condition has been convincingly linked both to increased obesity rates and to exposure to endocrine-disrupting toxins such as bisphenol A, the chemical found in plastic water bottles and lining canned foods and beverages.

Supporting both of these hypotheses, a recent study in the journal Public Health Nutrition found that while only 35 percent of girls who ate meat four times a week or fewer had reached puberty by age 12.5, 49 percent of those who ate meat 12 times a week had done so.

Levels of persistent organic pollutants are typically higher in foods high in animal fat, such as meat and dairy. Puberty at nine is not normal.

Author: Steve Berchtold

Healthy Food Is Not Always What You Eat

Healthy food

is what you need to eat. You already know that! So let me give you this…


WARNING: Please don’t read this now if you’re eating or have just finished eating at a fast food place!

Healthy food

is only part of what you’ve just consumed… Continue reading Healthy Food Is Not Always What You Eat


I still remember going to a local dentist and telling him I wanted ALL the amalgam out of my mouth!


I said, “I want all my amalgam taken out and all composite put back in.”

This got a strong reaction from him and he said, “Well, I don’t know why you want me to take all that out, but, if that’s what you want…” That was only seven years ago, I believe.

Well, well… look at what the U.S. Government just decided…

The United States government has announced that it supports a “phase down, with the goal of eventual phase out by all Parties, of mercury amalgam.”

This statement – a radical reversal of its former position that “any change toward the use of dental amalgam is likely to result in positive public health outcomes” – is part of the U.S. government’s submission for the upcoming third round of negotiations for the world mercury treaty.

While couched in diplomatic hedging – remember it is still early in the negotiations – this new U.S. position makes three significant breakthroughs for the mercury-free dentistry movement:

  • The U.S. calls for the phase-out of amalgam ultimately and recommends actions to “phase down” its use immediately….
  • The U.S. speaks up for protecting children and the unborn from amalgam, recommending that the nations “educate patients and parents in order to protect children and fetuses.”
  • The U.S. stands up for the human right of every patient and parent to make educated decisions about amalgam.


What does this mean? Our position – advocating the phase-out of amalgam – is now the mainstream because the U.S. government supports it. Who is the outlier now? It’s the pro-mercury faction, represented by the World Dental Federation and the American Dental Association….

We applaud the U.S. government. But tough work lies ahead. For example, we must demonstrate to the world that the available alternatives – such as composites and the adhesive materials used in atraumatic restorative treatment (“ART”) – can cost less than amalgam and will increase access to dental care particularly in developing countries.

For now though, let’s mark this watershed in the mercury-free dentistry movement: the debate has shifted from “whether to end amalgam” to “how to end amalgam.”

While they continue to allow the poison of amalgam in people’s mouths….

I know HOW to end amalgam… GET IT OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Dr. Clark was RIGHT, and it will be too late for many, without this knowledge of the extremely harmful health issues caused by this amalgam poison!


Parasites In The News Again


are in the news again! It’s called Toxoplasma gondii.

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Now the scientists are claiming that more research is needed into a disease spread by cats.

They’re saying about 350,000 people a year in the UK become infected with



Even though about only 10-20% have the symptoms, they say extra measures to control the disease may be needed.

The disease is spread by direct contact with cats or eating contaminated food that cats have contacted with the parasite.

You can read the Food Standards Agency official report here.

Treatment for Parasites:

dr clark productsCat owners are being re-assured that the risks of contracting the parasite can be reduced with good basic hygiene and common sense.

Veterinary surgeon Harvey Locke said: The biggest threat is to pregnant women and those who are a compromised immune system. He said, there’s no need for people to get rid of their cats or not to have cats as pets, but just take precautions with proper sanitary practices.

The report says there’s not really enough data yet on the condition, making it difficult to determine the real burden of the disease.

Andrew Wadge, who is a FSA chief scientist said: “This thorough and detailed report points out key gaps in our knowledge about this parasite and suggests areas where more research is needed.

“The report also suggests we look again at our advice to vulnerable groups and ensure that it reflects current scientific knowledge.”

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Once again, it comes back to the overall health of the individual and strength or lack of strength of their immune system. Dr. Hulda Clark taught that parasites were one of main reason for all diseases and she did this consistently throughout her days as a researcher and practitioner.

In about 80% of these cases, a person who is infected with this parasite will not even be aware and won’t even have any symptoms.

parasites in catMany others will develop mild flu-like symptoms, but may not need treatment.


(Toxoplasmosis) – the disease in humans – can cause serious complications in people with weakened immune systems, like people with HIV or cancer.

In England, for pregnant women, 3 babies in every 100,000 are born blind or have brain damage.

In Scotland, the parasite is a notifiable disease, but is neither a notifiable nor reportable in the rest of the UK.

Many health officials suggest the use of gloves.

The parasites main threat to us is the fact that it can get into the food chain from the cats feces, causing the contamination of our soil, water and plants.

Humans can get the infection from eating undercooked meat from animals with the parasite, from contact with cat litter or contaminated soil.

Ironically, once a person has been infected, they are immune from further infection for life.

The best way to avoid infection is to wear gloves when gardening or changing your cat’s litter box.

Be sure to wash fruit and vegetables before eating and always make sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked.

Most American women aren’t exposed to sheep or livestock, but for those in Europe, pregnant women should avoid contact with sheep and newborn lambs during the lambing season, because there is that slight risk that an infected sheep or lamb could pass the parasite on and infect the woman.

Obviously, parasites have always been in this world, but using caution and good personal hygiene habits, especially for us who have pets, will go a long way to protect our health.

Author: Steve Berchtold Parasites in the News Again

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Vertigo Dizziness Caused By Sinus Pressure Alone


is NO fun at all. It’s like being on a nightmarish ride you didn’t ask to go on, and one you can’t get off of.


Sinusitis is usually blamed for


, but inflammation of the para nasal sinuses, due to infection, allergy or a result of autoimmune diseases is NOT the only cause.

Most of the cases of sinusitis are caused, due to viral infection and take about 10 days to heal completely. Depending on the duration, sinusitis can either be acute, sub-acute or chronic.

The interconnected cavities or small air pockets in the facial structure are known as sinuses. These air pockets are found around the nose, the forehead and cheeks.

There are four pairs of sinuses, and are lined inside the cavities and have a protective mucous membrane. So much of the information about


is linked to a sinus “infection.”

Light-headness and Sinus Pressure Vertigo

Allergies are the most common cause of sinusitis, which further leads to pressure build up and dizziness. The human body consists of many complex systems. It’s the interactions between different systems, that help us to maintain our sense of balance.

The eyes capture different images, they are exposed to, while the inner ear takes care of monitoring our directions and movements. It’s the joints and muscle sensors that gauge the parts of the body which are in motion.

The central nervous system acts like a supervisor, and makes all the other systems work. When any one of the systems face a problem, it can cause vertigo.

Usually, when a person suffers from a sinus infection, it leads to sinus pressure build up in the inner ear, or congestion in the inner ear, causing normal air flow to be disrupted.

This causes the connection to the brain to be disrupted as well. The pressure builds up in the back of the eyes, the roof of the mouth and the inner ear.

Since there’s pressure on the inner ear, the brain processes are not able to ensure normal balance. The person loses equilibrium and becomes off-balance, causing dizziness.

Sinus infection and vertigo go together.

In a respiratory tract infection, if the bacteria or viruses attach themselves to the mucus lining of the sinuses, it may spread to the ear tube and cause an ear infection.

How to Relieve Sinus Pressure and Vertigo:

One remedy for sinus pressure relief is to warm a soft cloth on a hot griddle and apply it to the ear.

A hot shower will also help in draining the mucus, that’s blocking the sinuses and relieve ear pressure. Try to avoid being in a room with cool air.

Taking steam is one of the simplest and the easiest way to relieve sinus. Adding eucalyptus oil or menthol oil will help in getting rid of sinus infection rather faster. One can take steam two to three times in a day for faster relief.


My favorite method helps in clearing up nasal congestion. Saline water has to be passed through the nasal openings for the same. I use a Neti-Pot.

Eating spicy food is known to relieve sinus pressure. Once a person eats spicy food, clogged sinuses will open up and mucus will drain out. Adding ginger, garlic, dried lemon etc. in your diet will also work towards relieving sinus pressure.

When you’re suffering from sinuses, one of the home remedies is to increase the intake of fluids. This helps in diluting mucus and eases pressure on the inner ear.

Having the right sleeping position will not only help in relieving sinus pressure, but will also help in avoiding vertigo. Sleep with your head on an elevation.

If you normally sleep with your head on a pillow, you may want to make use of two pillows.

If you have been suffering from these problems for some time, then you may not want to talk to your health care professional immediately.

Although there is a close relation between sinusitis and vertigo, there are other reasons, which may also cause dizziness. You may want to talk to your health care professional and rule out any other cause of the problem.

According to the University of Michigan Health System, “Sinusitis is a common condition that affects millions of people across the world. Estimated to be as many as 35 million Americans suffer from this disease at that it accounts for at least $2.4 billion in direct medical costs alone.”

Sinus problems can cause a number of symptoms and adverse affects on the body like head pain, a persistent cough and vertigo.

The sinuses purpose is to catch any unwanted airborne particles from entering the lungs. The sinuses are very temporal and can be irritated by change in humidity, allergies or the common cold.

This is what I experience. The change in humidity… specifically a lowering in humidity. Dry air is NOT My friend!

When the sinus cavity is inflamed, it swells to its maximum capacity, preventing normal air flow and abnormal amounts of pressure to build up in and around the sinuses.

This is what has caused my equilibrium to become off-balance, causing vertigo.

To properly treat vertigo caused by sinus pressure, a person first must deal with the sinus issue. If the sinuses are infected, you need to kill the infection.

If the sinuses are simply irritated, an over-the-counter decongestant will help calm the swelling and irritation. Vertigo is no fun, but won’t last if you keep the sinus swelling down.

My recommendation for “drainage of the sinuses or no drainage,” is still to use the Neti-Pot and decongestant, to keep the swelling down.

You may still have some vertigo, but it will go away in 3-5 days if your sinuses are better.

Author: Steve Berchtold