10 Most Powerful Ways To Detox Chemtrails Toxins

Even though they are spraying us and filling the skies with


containing poisons and toxins, we’re fortunate that we’re still able to source the phytochemical benefits of organic food and medicinal herbs to detox harmful


continued health well-being of our family.

Most folks are already well aware of some of the chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals that have leeched into our water – think glyphosate from GMO-laden food and feed and the lead contaminated water supply in Flint, Michigan. Also, for at least the past two decades, we’ve had to contend with the cocktail of chemtrails assaulting us from the air.

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Most importantly, what are the health issues the geoengineered chemtrails are causing on the population?


Government admits to chemtrails: The following video is an admission by Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agriculture Defence Coalition, who addresses the UN on the truth behind chemtrails, geoengineering, and weather modification.

The acknowledgement by the UN that our skies are being polluted with aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver should give weight to the claims that Chemtrails cause a whole host of health problems in the general population

These chemtrail contaminates floating down from military and commercial jets not only damage the natural hydrological processes of the earth, these same substances are inhaled into our lungs and absorbed into our skin.

It is imperative to be extra vigilant and work to eliminate chemtrail toxins., reported chemtrails have been known to contain “barium chloride, aluminum oxide, synthetic polymers, bio-nano particles, and ethylene dibromide.” And this is the short list.

Living under synthetic clouds of fungal mycotoxins, thorium, “nano-aluminum coated fiberglass” and other dangerous substances can be a catalyst for a wide variety of bronchial and respiratory problems, so symptoms for individuals with asthma or lung conditions could be exacerbated.

Chemtrail toxins affect each of us individually.
Each person and their individual biotype, immune system and pre-existing toxic load will be affected differently, and in some instances detoxing from heavy metals found in chemtrails should be done under the supervision of your health care profession. But, as reported by Michelle Walling, you can be pro active with powerful supplements and super foods.

Here are ten foods to assist you in eliminating those heavy metals and toxins.
1. Chlorella is known as a heavy metal detoxifier. This green powerhouse will grab onto mercury molecules and other heavy metal molecules and take them out of your body.

2. Cilantro is an easy to grow herb. It’s delicious in salads and soups or as a taste booster for pasta dishes. Cilanto can also attach itself to mercury in a chelation process and the body will excrete it.

3. Cinnamon is an antioxidant, an anti bacterial, can help eliminate inflammation and even help clear your mucus membranes.

4. Hemp is full of fiber to help your digestion, protein, “antioxidant Vitamins E and C” and even contains chlorophyll to assist in heavy metal detoxification.

5. Flax Seed are a delicious addition to smoothies, breads, yogurt and more. Radiation exposure can be attenuated with flax seeds and your digestion can improve too.

6. Magnesium is an essential mineral in our bones and hundreds of bodily functions. Magnesium also helps eliminate aluminum. Take Epsom salt baths frequently and consider a magnesium supplement.

7. Saffron comes from the delicate petals of the purple crocus flower. This aromatic spice can assist in memory retention and will help eliminate brain fog.

8. Curcumin is the powerhouse ingredient found in turmeric and is yet another super food to help rid your body of heavy metals like aluminum.

9. Activated Charcoal will help your system repel toxins by binding them to a “thin film” on the charcoal itself. This process is called adsorption.

10. Diatomaceous Earth is known in organic agriculture as a pest deterrent. Be sure to purchase food grade diatomaceous earth, as its consistency and texture will help absorb toxins and pass them through your digestive system.

aerosolWhy are there so many people that see the chemtrails, but are of the belief that it’s just a “conspiracy theory?”

Because there are Internet TROLLS, also known as paid “forum posters”, “internet bloggers,” or if we call them what they really are, SHILLS.

They’re being employed by private corporations and contracted agencies, sometimes for marketing purposes, but mostly to distract from the truth and prevent public outcry about dangerous programs such as geoengineering, genetically modified foods, and any issue where profiteers put their bottom line and lust for control over the destruction of the planet and at the expense of our health.

Trolls are employees that answered a “work at home job ad” on craigslist or some other venue. They get paid to mock, berate and post negative and false information about the truth being exposed.

The geoengineering trolls, specifically, are employed by the two main disinformation sites, metaxxxx and contrailxxxxxxx, both run by a gaming programmer.

He and his band of hired internet trolls lack expertise in science, meteorology or any other field related to geoengineering, yet claim to be experts in atmospheric science, and fancy themselves “debunkers”.

Shillidiocy is a term that best describes the rapidly growing industry of people ready and willing to sell out humanity for a few pennies per comment. Disinformation has been used throughout history for political purposes and these strategies are being utilized today by these paid internet trolls.

Disinformation shills often make outrageous comments for the sole purpose of deflecting focus from the truth to distract us by creating a “controversial debate” where none truly exists.

Trolls often use the “Trojan Horse” method to attempt to elicit an emotional response from people online, to evoke hostility with the intent of twisting it around to make the person look volatile, a classic “character assassination” tactic to discredit them, making them appear weak.

On some occasions, they intentionally keep pushing a person into a heated argument, and will go so far as to “report” the person as being a “threat” to try to get them kicked off of the forum. Another major character assassination tactic is to highlight any negative or perceived flaw of an otherwise reputable person, whether true or false, to intentionally discredit them in an attempt to invalidate their viewpoint and make them seem baseless, to detract focus from the information they are sharing.

The trolls often “make stuff up” if they can’t find anything real to highlight for this goal, after all, shills are paid liars. Another trick these liars are taught is to use semantics to twist people’s words around and make it seem as though they’ve lied, to discredit them. These are all character assassination tactics that you will easily recognize happening all over the internet once you become familiar with them.




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