Add Zest

Make a garden salad that you\\\\\\\'ll really enjoy.

Aging With Grace

Enjoy life and maintain good health with wise choices.

Exercise Pays Big

Keep moving and enjoy the activities you want to.

Even Children Need Exercise

Keeping your children active will help their health stay strong.

Eat Good Food

Change the diet up every once in awhile.

Food For Health

Great foods for your kidneys.

Treats Can Be Very Healthy

Mix up a healthy treat easily and for taste.


What You Need To Know About Sugar Substitutes


Sugar contributes to tooth decay and obesity, but still we spoon it onto cereal and into coffee (and the food industry puts heaps—known as added sugar—into products).

“Americans eat 165 pounds of added sugar each year, and sugar substitutes are on the rise as well, which are hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar,” says Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, author of Feed the Belly and co-author of The Carb Lovers Diet.

Why Pickles Are the Most Surprising Superfood


Pop quiz: What do pickles, vinegar, tempeh, chocolate and wine have in common? Yes, they’re all delicious—and they’re all fermented. And that means they all have major health perks.
Cultures around the world have enjoyed fermented foods for millennia; they devour kimchi in Korea, sauerkraut in Germany and cheese…everywhere. Now fermenting is appealing to consumers eager to return to naturally healthy ways of eating.

Super Male Vitality Formula

super vitality

As men age, they may often experience a slow-down in vitality, energy, sexual drive, and overall wellness. Super Male Vitality™ is specifically designed to assist the body in regulating proper hormone balance to create superior vitality in males, and has been used by Alex Jones in order to maximize vitality when working up to 12 hours a day or more in the fight for freedom.

What You Should Know About Essential Oils

essential oils

Essential Oils Do Work

I’d recently gotten an essential oil diffuser for our bedroom; I thought it might come in handy for stress relief. Now, though, I reached for revitalizing grapefruit oil. I plopped in a few drops and pressed “on.” Minutes later, I felt more awake. It worked!

8 Keys You Should Know About Your Colon

colon health



(your bowel or large intestine) absorbs minerals and water from food before pushing the remains out into the toilet where they belong.

A lot can go wrong in that seemingly simple process, though, leading to conditions from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and constipation to age-related maladies like hemorrhoids and diverticulosis.

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